Learn the Basics

Every financial fitness journey starts with a beginning. Here are some great sites that can get you started.




Learn to earn, borrow, save, invest and spend wisely.

Pro Tip: Beginning a new job? Having a baby? Getting married? Starting a business? Experienced a death in the family? They can help you know what to do.

PBS, Your Life Your Money


Watch engaging videos talking about personal finance issues with celebrity cameos.

Pro Tip: Play their online video game and gain financial knowledge while doing it!

Set Goals

Once you’ve got the basics, you can really set goals and start meeting them.


Better Money Habits

Use the Better Money Habits resource from Bank of America to discover articles targeted to your specific goals.

Pro Tip: Starting out on your own? These videos can help you be ready.

Stay on Track

There are more tools than ever that can help you keep to the path and remain motivated.



Provides free software that can help you track spending in your checking, savings, and other accounts on your computer or mobile app.

Pro Tip: Check out their mobile app, which can help you keep on top of your spending even on the go.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Allows you to track your credit, debt, and gives tips for improving it—all for free!

Pro Tip: They can show you specific areas where you can beef up your credit score, and watch it change over time.

Need Reinforcement?

Is credit card debt making it difficult to balance your budget and focus on building savings? MMI specializes in helping consumers repay debt quickly and save money in the process. See if they can help you.