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Most of us are out of shape financially. In the United States, nearly 69% of individuals are living paycheck to paycheck. As you might know, a car accident, job loss, illness, or injury—all of these can make living well seem impossible. But, you can do it! You aren’t alone in your struggle.

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The internet is full of tools to help you get financially fit, but it can be difficult to dig through it and find what you need. We’ve pulled together some of the best resources from around the web so that you can get fit faster.

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Consumer legal funding can help you replace income now, after an accident, and bridge the gap until your case settles. But, if you need an extra boost to really get your budget in shape, we’ve partnered with Money Management International, a respected non-profit organization that specializes in financial counseling, to get you access to free budgeting and financial counseling.

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The first step towards getting somewhere is deciding not to stay where you are.

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